CORONA VIRUS UPDATE:  On June 15, Los Angeles County has joined the state in lifting most COVID-19 restrictions including capacity limits and distancing requirements. 

Please be advised, MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES.  Any person who refuses to wear a mask will be asked to leave without a refund. 

If you attend the swap meet, be advised that:

  • All customers must wear masks at all times.
  • Vendors must wear masks at all times.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to protect the health and well-being of our staff and guests.

The swap meet is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6am to 2pm. Spaces may be rented for one day only by coming to the swap meet on the day of the meet. Daily spaces go on sale at 5:30am at the North ticket booth. Daily sellers must enter the swap meet via the Ramona Avenue entrance. Day spaces can be purchased anytime before 1:00pm when the office closes. Sellers must be off the lot by 4:00pm.

Please check with the State Board of Equalization for rules about selling merchandise at swap meets. Day sellers are allowed to sell three times without a seller’s permit (Except Thursdays - All vendors must have valid vendor card on Thursdays). The first three times the seller must show a current, valid ID. After the third time selling, the State of California requires sellers to obtain a seller’s permit. Details for obtaining a seller’s permit is under Reserved Seller Info.

Listed below are the daily costs for single space rentals. On average, vendor spaces are 18 x 18, but larger and smaller spaces are available.

  • Wednesday $18.00
  • Thursday 2 spaces for $10.00
  • Friday $15.00
  • Saturday $25.00
  • Sunday $32.00
Swap meet spaces may be reserved by the month at the reservation office located in the warehouse building, East of the ticket booths. The reservation office is only open on swap meet days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6:00am to 1:00pm.

In order to reserve a selling space, you must possess a Sales and Tax Permit issued by the State Board of Equalization that shows the seller's name and the address of the Mission Tiki Swap Meet. The address to the swap meet is 4407 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763.
Only one vehicle per space. Sellers must park their vehicles inside their selling space. Seller's vehicles or trailers are bit allowed on neighborhood streets. Sellers may not sell, rent, switch or share their space. No vehicles with merchandise will be allowed in buyer's parking lot. Merchandise and boxes must be removed from the premises by close of swap meet. No trash in dumpster. Tape players, radios and record players may not be played at anytime. No public address systems. NO FLYERS PERMITTED, BUSINESS CARDS OK.

  • All Traps Must Have 15lb. Weights Per Leg
  • Power Equipment May Not Be Started Within 25 feet Of Swap meet Selling Area
  • No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed On Premises
  • Anyone Selling Counterfeit Merchandise Will be Subject To Permanent Expulsion
  • Sellers are required to hold and display a valid State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit.
  • Reservations Made Between 9am & 1pm. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Reserve Sellers Must Be in By 7am.
  • No Purchase Pickups Made in Selling Area Before 9am.
  • No Refunds, No Rain check, Speed Limit 5 MPH, Watch for Children

Management reserves the right to expel any seller from the premises for violation of these rules or for general misconduct. Please help make the Mission Tiki Swap Meet a clean and safe place!
Firearms, B.B. Guns, Pellet Guns, Cross Bows, Snap Caps • Ammunition of any kind or Components for Ammunition • Martial Arts Weapons • Stink Bombs • Snap Caps • Vehicles • Counterfeit Merchandise • Candy, Food, Canned Goods or Beverages • Toothpaste, Mouthwash • Medical Preparations • Tobacco • Fish, Reptiles, Birds or Animals • Narcotic Paraphernalia • Spray Paint, Felt Pens • Mattresses and overstuffed furniture (unless sanitized) • Any materials deemed dangerous, pornographic, indecent or otherwise objectionable by Management

The Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet have resumed their regularly scheduled operations.

The drive-in theatre is open nightly. If you to attend the drive-in, be advised that:

The swap meet is open Wednesday, and Friday through Sunday. You must abide by the following rules:

We wish to sincerely thank all our loyal customers for their continued support, and we look forward to better serving you in the near future when this present situation has passed.

See full Customer Handout